My Testimony

I should have died 3 times.

  1. I was driving 60 mph when I feel asleep at the wheel. I slammed into a culvert. I was not wearing a seatbelt. I walked away without a scratch or bruise. God sent his angel to protect me.

  2. I was working offshore on a pipeline barge when a 15 foot wave came over me and pulled me overboard. I began to sink, then I felt God’s angel grab me by the hand and pull me to a ladder on the side of the barge.

  3. I was driving in Colorado on an interstate going toward Denver. I suddenly notice an 18 wheeler very close to my rear bumper. I sped up and he sped up. At this point I figured he was trying to run me off the road. I accelerated to around 90 mph. As I approached Denver, it began to snow heavily. I approached a sharp curve which I did not see and went airborne. I remembered that I was not wearing a seatbelt. Just before the crash I felt God’s angel restrain me. I walked away with just 3 fractured ribs. I thank God for his grace and mercy. In 2017 I went to Israel on a tour with TBN and Hillsong. It was wonderful to see the places Jesus had been. When I returned, God began to reveal his purpose and plan for my life. He instructed me to write 2 books. The first book “Truth That Brings Peace, Love, Joy And Hope” was released in January 2018. My second book “ Jesus Is For Real And There Is Power In His Name” will be released early in 2019. Another assignment God gave me is to run for state senate. God has plans for my life for the next 20 years of things he wants me to accomplish. I give God all the Glory for saving my life and what he will do in the future.